Awareness Program

Cybercrime is a massive global problem, don’t leave your first & last lines of defense defenseless. Working together we can make the world cyber safe.

You don’t have time or manpower to establish, manage, and maintain an effective cybersecurity awareness program for your organization. Maze & Associates has an industry leading solution ready for immediate deployment. Turn key cybersecurity awareness training program design with your organization in mind. Tailored training available for local governments and non-profits.

What The Program Offers

01 Train

Online and live on site training options to effectively promote cyber safe practices.

02 Assess

Assess cybersecurity awareness training effectiveness. Staff can report suspicious emails.

03 Improve

Recommendations to improve the overall program Provide remediation training based on assessment

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What The Program Entails

01 Train

  • Minimal effort cyber-security awareness program
  • Branded online learning management system
  • Roles based training
  • Multilingual support / Closed-captioned
  • Over 470 pieces of training content including modules, games, videos, & images.
  • Meets HIPAA, NIST, and PCI compliance requirements
  • Annual Training
  • One annual onsite training day (Optional)

02 Assess

  • Proactive retention assessments
  • Social engineering via, text, voicemail, email, and USB
  • Phishing campaign to reinforce and assess cybersecurity awareness training effectiveness
  • USB campaign to reinforce and assess cybersecurity awareness training effectiveness
  • Outlook plug-in to report suspicious emails

03 Improve

  • Actionable Recommendations
  • Engagement & Trending Reporting
  • Cybersecurity alerts
  • Just in time training
  • Special remediation
  • Cyber awareness infographics
  • Ongoing cybersecurity campaign
  • On call cybersecurity advisory service
  • Practical recommendations for improving employee awareness

04 Value Add

  • Vulnerable Browser Plugin Detection
  • Automated new employee onboarding training, with AD integration
  • Deadlines and automated reminders for employees