Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Maze & Associates offers affordable CISO-as-a-Service for small to midsize municipalities and companies. Our services can be customized for your organization’s needs to provide ongoing cybersecurity. Services include Council presentations, control assessments, compliance tracking, policy/procedure review and drafting, IT Governance, risk assessments, advise management on cybersecurity matters and cyber risks, research industry trends, reporting, manage remediation efforts, document cybersecurity, evaluate risk of proposed systems and services, cybersecurity roadmap, monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and much more.

We offer guidance on all aspects of governance of information and technology including; core IT processes, strategy, financial management, staffing, service planning & architecture, security, risk management, application portfolio management, project management portfolio, and data/business intelligence. We also offer integrated risk and compliance management platform and dashboard.

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Cybersecurity Assessments

PCI, NIST, Risk and other Assessments

How is the health of your IT department? Are your IT controls in place, working as intended, and producing the desired outcome? Do you perform routine security assessments on your systems? You need to know where you are before you start. Assessments are a great way to find out where you stand and gage your current maturity level. In addition, assessments are a vital part of governance and risk management. Plus, an independent evaluation gives stakeholders a higher level of assurance.

We offer a wide range of assessments, back by industry research, to assist you in determining where your IT department currently stands. We provide the following assessments; payment card acceptance (PCI), cyber risk assessments, NIST control assessments, policy/procedure reviews, IT Management and Governance, End-User Satisfaction, CIO Business Vision, CEO-CIO Alignment, Application Portfolio, Cybersecurity, Project Portfolio Management, IT Organization Design & Staffing, Data Quality, Ransomware Risk Assessment, and much more.

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Vulnerability Management

PCI, NIST, Risk and other Assessments

New vulnerabilities are found in computer systems everydayevery day. These vulnerabilities can leave an organization open to potentially devastating attacks.

To avoid this, organizations need to check systems regularly for new vulnerabilities and patch them before hackers exploit them.

We have partnered with the number one vulnerability management service Qualys, to bring you the best solution with special pricing.

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Cybersecurity Awareness

Don’t leave you first & last lines of defense defenseless

Cybercrime is a massive global problem, don’t leave your first & last lines of defense defenseless. Working together we can make the world cyber safe.

You don’t have time or manpower to establish, manage, and maintain an effective cybersecurity awareness program for your organization. Maze & Associates has an industry leading solution ready for immediate deployment. Turn key cybersecurity awareness training program design with your organization in mind. Tailored training available for local governments and non-profits.

IT Governance, risk assessments, advise management on cybersecurity matters and cyber risks, research industry trends, reporting, manage remediation efforts, document cybersecurity, evaluate risk of proposed systems and services, macybersecurity roadp, monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and much more.

Security awareness is vital to maintaining the security of your systems. Your users are the first and last line of defense, don’t leave them defenseless. Maze & Associates offers:

  • Free online cybersecurity training customized for local governments.
  • Onsite cybersecurity awareness training.
  • Managed cybersecurity awareness programs.
  • Cybersecurity awareness consulting.
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Cyber AI and Active Defense

Cyber AI for Threat Detection and Autonomous Response

Organizations are facing a new era of machine-speed attacks and advanced, never-seen-before threats. The expansion of the corporate network, from cloud to the Internet of Things, has left security teams struggling to protect their diverse and complex digital estate.

Darktrace’s world-leading cyber AI can learn the ‘patterns of life’ for every device and user across a business and uses this understanding of normal to detect emerging threats that would otherwise go undetected, without relying on rules or signatures.

Darktrace’s Cyber AI can also autonomously respond to stop attacks in real time, buying back time for security teams and enabling business operations to continue uninterrupted.

Over 3,000 organizations around the world use Darktrace AI to protect against threats to cloud, email, IoT, networks and industrial control systems.

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Cybersecurity Consulting

Local Government Specialists

Linking your business objectives and mission to your technology solutions. One of our primary focuses is on the unique needs of local governments. With over 30 years in the municipal sector, time and again, local governments choose Maze & Associates for our knowledge, experience and quality.

Maze & Associates manages nearly one hundred municipal clients, making us one of Northern California’s most reputable and best-known municipal audit, consulting, and accounting firms. Our portfolio has included Cities – both big and small, Counties, Water & Sanitation Districts, Transit Agencies, Joint Powers Authorities and much more in Northern and Central California.

  • PCI Compliance
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • NIST Risk Management Framework
  • Cybersecurity Consulting Services
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Penetration Testing

Tailored to meet your needs, Network and Application

Network penetration testing is done to provide details on exploits and weaknesses that an attacker can use to gain access to your organizations network.

Penetration testing shows dramatic proof just how vulnerable your network is to outside attack but allows you to close those security holes hopefully before attackers have the chance to exploit them.

Network and web app team provides unique expertise for proactive compliance and penetration testing, using a variety of protocols including those that are new in the market.

With this expertise, our services can test and validate a broad range of targets including networks, WiFi, web and mobile applications and Iot devices.

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New generations of fast-acting cyber-threats are emerging continually. The expansion of the corporate network.