Oct 28, 2015

Our new Cybersecurity Tool Kit offers great products:

DARKTRACE – AI Powered autonomous detection and response for every device connected to your network

Cyber-attacks targeting the financial sector are growing in speed, sophistication, and scale, and traditional tools prove ineffective against novel threats. The Darktrace Immune System is the only self-defending, AI-powered solution, covering the entire digital business (cloud, network, IoT, client) — detecting, classifying, taking surgical action against, and investigating in-progress threats without relying on human input. Darktrace provides 24/7 monitoring and response of all connect devices at a fraction of the cost of one full time staff. This frees up resources to further meet other business needs. This is a good time to explore since Darktrace’s fiscal year end is in June. Typically, their pricing is more competitive around that time.  Here is one of the many articles detailing its usefulness: https://www.darktrace.com/en/blog/how-ai-detected-a-hacker-hiding-in-an-energy-grid-within-hours-of-deployment/ Darktrace provides a free 6 week trial to prove its value.

KNOWBE4 – Cybersecurity awareness training and testing for every users

KnowBe4 offers thousands of training videos, interactive games and exercises to engage users and inform them of the current landscape of bad actors and the threat they pose. This training has proven to increase the effectiveness of the Human Firewall your users make up. KnowBe4 can be setup for annual training of all users, automated onboarding training (via a connection to Active Directory) for new users, and supplemental training for those that fail KnowBe4’s custom phishing, Vishing or USB dead drop testing. We have created a Public Sector KnowBe4 group to decrease the seat cost of all our customers. Once Active Directory is connected, we setup all the training and testing based on your business needs reducing your staff time to run the awareness training program.

QUALYS – Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Qualys a world leading enterprise level vulnerability detection and management system for both external and internal scanning. Remediation tickets are auto created, assign to appropriate personnel and auto closed when not detected on subsequent scans. False positives are greatly reduced with scans autonomously logging in to systems to confirming settings and configurations. Qualys has been providing a deep discount for Public Sector for over 2 decades offers a free 30 trial for both external and internal solutions.

INFO-TECH – Tools to help manage IT

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